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Simulation error, but no run event logs to check what is wrong

I am trying to run a simple cylinder with an LES model. However, at once I try to run the simulation, it produces an error before the run actually starts and the dialogue box tells me to heck the event logs, however there aren’t any as the simulation never started.

I have tried taking a look at other similar projects, but I can’t seem to find any differences that should result in an error. Thank you in advance for any help!

The project is located here:

Hi @tempstorageacc!

Having a look at it later on and get back to you as soon as I found a solution.

All the best!


Hi @tempstorageacc, something has gone very wrong here.

You have a model setup for LES Smagorinsky however you have k and omega as your initial turbulent conditions, furthermore, when altering your timestep to a small value I get a warning about the value not being a valid integer. It seem that it thinks its a steady state k-omega sim when it says it is a LES.

I re-setup the simulation and it ran a treat:

@jousefm can you feed this back?

Kind regards,

That’s absolutely correct Darren!

Can you reproduce this mistake because I cannot. Was probably just a small glitch that fixed itself :wink:

If you find anything confusing just let me know @tempstorageacc & @1318980.



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