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Simulation does not stop

one of my simulations was set to have a maximum run time of 4000 sec. It has now been running for 76 min which is roughly 10 min longer than it should. It still says that it is computing but there are no changes in the convergence graph. This is not the first time as i experienced the same thing when running the same simulation just an hour before. I cannot even stop the simulation. i was only able to successfully stop the first run by deleting the entire simulation run. please help as i have already deleted the first run and i dont want to keep loosing the simulations.

UPDATE: its has started canceling after 96 min or so but seem to be stuck there.

UPDATE 2: it has successfully canceled but has only produced the convergence plot and not the solution fields for the computed run time. i will run the simulation one more time to see if it persists.

Any updates @kirin?

Hope everything went well in the end. If you have any problems or questions feel free to ask me :slight_smile: