Simulation Cancelled Without Input

I’m new to SimScale and my first project (CFD on a concept car) seems to all go well for around 15-20% of the simulation run, then comes up with “Simulation Cancelled”. Is this normal? I’ve seen mention of the runs being cancelled when the simulation converges, but I assumed it would still say “successful” or something similar.

To add to this, when I go to results and try to create an animation, it just alternates between two frames (currently 1 to 348). There doesn’t seem to be any errors in the solver logs.

Project Link

Hi @geojetta!

Increase the domain size , it is too small at the moment. Use this project as a template: Full Car Simulation CFD.



@geojetta Your maximum runtime is set to 50min at the moment, this is why the simulation stops “prematurely”:


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Hi dheiny sir,
So how many run time will set to get result for this type of simulation?


We usually set this number to a high one so we can make sure if it fails then it is usually not related to the runtime. You can see this type of approach in a lot of simulations on our platform. If something else pops into my mind that might be important here I will add it later on but @vgon_alves and @Get_Barried might add their two cents here in the meantime :slight_smile:



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Agreeing with Jousef, you can look at this parameter as something that you could always set at the maximum by default and update as the available core hours are decreasing (By default, cases will terminate if any condition is satisfied).