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Simulating foam flow in a pipe

Hello! I am relatively new to SimScale and CFD in general, and am looking for some advice on how to best simulate the flow of coarse wet foam through a pipe.

To give a few more specifics, I am trying to simulate foam flow in a round pipe with a constriction in the middle. The geometry exhibits cylindrical symmetry. I have already been able to successfully simulate this geometry with SimScale for water, so my question is how to go about choosing parameters to simulate the non-newtonian foam flow (assuming this is within the capabilities of SimScale). I’ve attached an image below of the foam in the pipe I am trying to simulate. The size of the bubbles is roughly just under a millimetre or so.

I’d appreciate any help or suggestions you might have. Thanks!

Coarse Wet Foam in Pipe

Hi @srichar6!

Currently there is no option to simulate bubbles on our platform although we use Open"FOAM" in the background (I know, bad joke…) - I assume that would require solvers like interFoam & phaseFieldFoam. However I am forwarding your request to our product team :+1: Tagging the @cfd_squad here, maybe one of them worked on this in the past.

Let us know if you have any further questions!