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Hello Sir ,
I have done the drone project on simscale as shown in your workshop (i.e aerodynamic of drone). The issue which I am facing is related to post processing. I am attaching link of my project for you to review. In simscale when I try to find the forces on the drone(body as well as blade) the value which I get is close to 7.2 N(in y direction) but when I try to match these result with the paraview software results after importing output file from simscale, I end up getting different values(close to 2.5 N in normal y direction).
A. I want to know whether the result in simscale and paraview must match or not?
B. If it should match, then which software(simscale or paraview) show value closer to actual?
C. Are the forces in both software signify different meaning?
D. Why does the BC for the side wall are considered wall and why not free stream(as the circulation may effect the actual scenario)?
@jousefm sir can you please help me forthis problem or tag the person who can also try to view my concern.

@Girish11, as a general advice: Find successful simulations in the public projects section and try to reverse engineer them and, in the optimal case, understand if the used BC make sense and why the BC have been used that way. :slight_smile:



Hello @Girish11,

D. I haven’t check your project yet, but I am answering your question generally, the side-walls of flow domain are assigned as slip-walls (not no-slip). In slip-wall boundary condition, the tangential component of velocity remains constant but the normal component is zero. (you could assume that the flow close to side walls will be unperturbed, similar to free stream).
P.S. I am also working on similar project (but for flying wing).

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Mohammad Fozan

For the force values, I will have to check your project using ParaView. But both should report similar values according to my understanding.

Thank you sir for the response, I have compared my simulation result to other public project and it seems to match with their results. The only problem I am facing is related to output result of simscale and paraview. I am having discussion with one of the member of the group which you shared. Hoping to solve my problem and thanks for your help.

Thank you sir, I am looking forward for help from you. Let me know the results of simscale and paraview does match or not for you. Looking for positive results or explanation from you.
Thanks in advance.


Hello Fozan Sir
I would like to know, whether you have tried my project result my comparing with paraview results. I would request other member of this group who can help me with this problem which I have posted here. Eagerly waiting for your reply.
Thanks in advance.

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