SimScale - Project Spotlight Section

What is “the project spotlight section”?

Hi @mhere!

In the Project Spotlight the best projects of our users, the staff or the PowerUsers will be posted in order to show the community what SimScale is capable of and to give users some inspiration and motivation to start their own projects or even copy the project from the Project Spotlight and adapt it for their needs.

\underline{\text{Criteria for getting featured:}}

  • Extraordinary project that has not been simulated before (If you use an existing project make sure you add a new component to it)

  • Well documented simulation like the one from our user @Carlos_Ramirez: Turbulent Flow around City Blocks

  • Not necessary but a validated project is always more convincing

@Anware, @Get_Barried & @vgon_alves, feel free to add some more criteria that I forgot to mention :wink: