'SimScale - Particle flow through a cyclone separator' simulation project by Ali_Arafat


I created a new simulation project called 'SimScale - Particle flow through a cyclone separator':

This sample project shows how to simulate particle fluid flow through a cyclone separator.

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Test case for Particle-Fluid flow through cyclone separator:


The mesh used for this simulation is of moderate fineness generated using "Tetrahedral with prism layers"

The test simulation parameters are summarized below:

  • Turbulence model: LES-k model
  • Total simulated time 0.6 sec
  • Particle injection duration 0.05 - 0.5 sec
  • Inlet velocity of 5 m/s ( to speed things up via larger time steps )
  • particle size of 0.0001 m and a closed bottom for simplicity.

Some result snapshots are shown below:




nice one :wink: