Simscale on Fusion 360

I created a simulation in sim scale and it seems working well but when i try to import it on fusion 360 something wrong appens and shows me this: “Geometry Does not contain any BREP elements or geometry not present in workspace.”

there is the project link:

Hi, and thanks for using our forum!

Did I understand correctly, and you are trying to import your simulation results back to your CAD? This is not a common task, why would you need to do it?

because i need the fusion 360 animation

I have never seen such workflow before. You can create animations in SimScale and export them as GIFs, but I don’t think a CAD program would be able to read the numerical results of the simulation.

I think that something like Paraview can be of help here, because it can load the simulation results and I think that also the CAD model, so you can combine both and somehow create the animation that you need.