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Simscale not showing Y+ in Post-Processing

Hi @jousefm,

The simulations are the runs 1 & 2 under the “Coarse Mesh – 0 deg (Layer1)”



Hi again @d_rodriguez32,

we will have a look at that issue. As soon as we have a solution to that, we will let you know.

In the meantime, stay patient and enjoy your weekend! :wink:



you were a day quicker than me! I submitted a ticket but if anyone is reading this post it looks like this affects other field calculations too including vorticity.


@d_rodriguez32 - the CFD team is looking into it! We’ll get back to you asap!

@1318980 - I couldn’t reproduce it in your case. Yplus + Vorticity show up in the result fields in your runs. Did I miss something?

I am also missing vorticity!

Yep - reported accordingly! I’ll give an update as soon as it has been investigated.

@dheiny, It shows in any runs that happened before this was an issue. However, for the last few runs from about Thursday haven’t had them. I would be confused if you could see them as I downloaded the results and opened in preview incase it was posted processor just not reading the results.

Edit:: why you might be seeing the variable and me don’t, there is apparently 2 ‘run 13’ you want to look at the later one, sorry I deleted a few runs and this messed the auto naming up.

Sorry for late reply

Hi @d_rodriguez32 & @1318980 ,

the issue has been resolved and the result control fields are now available in the Post-Processing tab.

Make sure you give a quick feedback if everything works for you.



@jousefm this works for me now, with one thing to note. I had to delete and recreate the field calculation items to get them to work. Or at least it didn’t work the first time and then did after this action.

Kind regards,


I expected y+ to be well below one, however, I’m not sure I expected this low, I cannot drop the upper bound of the scale to any lower to see if there is a gradient. So I’m asking is this realistic, I only question it since we have had troubles.

Kind regards,

Hi Darren,

this is already under investigation. I will come back to you as soon as this issue has been resolved. Thanks for pointing that out and sorry for the inconvenience!

Cheers mate!

I had this exact same problem with my last project.
There were no Y+ field in the results last week. Yesterday, I ran another simulation and the results were in the exact same range as in the picture of the wing above, almost 0.

Hi @eduardocclc,

the fix will soon be shipped so that you can continue working on your projects - sorry for the lost productivity.

Me or @dheiny will keep you up to date.



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Hi, will this work for the simulations which are already done or will i need to re-run it?


Hello @bojan,

if a rerun would be necessary, you can just contact me privately. I will run the simulation for you then. That saves you some core hours.



Hate to dredge up an old post but I’m having a similar problem. Y+ seems to be zero across the entire flow field.

Hi @jhartung!

I have checked for “510G Deflected (test)” and the yplus value shows up in the post-processor. Are you referring to another run maybe?



Hi @jousefm, very strange. Yes it does show on 510G Deflected (test) which you may recall was the run that I duplicated from a similar simulation that was working properly. If you check CAC Deflected - Alpha12Beta10 I believe you will see what I mean.

Hi @jhartung!

Am I missing something here? :thinking: Please let me know if I just do not get it but for me yplus shows values along the entire plane.

All the best!


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Bizarre. Yes it’s working fine for me as well. Perhaps I didn’t have the scaling set properly? Apologies for sending you on a wild goose chase.

While I’ve got you, does this look normal or should I consider a thinner first layer for lower y+ values? I’m seeing regions slightly above 300.