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SimScale not loading the mesh/result?

Hello, guys I like Simscale very much actually.
However, recently Simscale process the result very slowly, that i can not even setting my boundary condition after meshing.
Have you guys also encounter these problems???
Really want to know how to solve it
Thank you all

Hi @bning12 and thanks a lot for your nice feedback!

I will have a look at your issue. Do you mind sharing your project with me? Will try it out by myself and see if that might be related to your internet connection or if that’s an issue from our side.

Thanks for reaching out to us and all the best!


Hello @bning12,
this is actually unexpected - on the contrary, on Monday this week we released an improved visualization processing, such that any geometries or meshes generated after Monday will be loading quicker than before. The whole time span where previously you would see a “Processing: x%” indicator while the mesh would load should now be reduced to 0.

Could you specify which projects and meshes exactly you mean, so we can take a look at them.

Keep in mind that these performance improvements will only apply if the mesh was generated (or the geometry was uploaded) after Monday.