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Simscale for Large assemblies

Can we do simulation for significantly large assemblies?. let’s say for the assembly of the propeller and its shaft arrangement.

Hi @chandbasha!

Just a small hint before I answer your question: Always make sure to open the least amount of threads possible. Otherwise things might get a bit messy inside the forum :wink:

I would suggest to upload your geometry to see what dimensions your geometry has. But SimScale usually never has problems with big assemblies even if you have plenty of contact faces that need to be defined!



Ok . Actually I wanna do simulation for this below assembly (This one not yet completed properly). In this I will give constraints at the Gear box assembly and the load will be rotation of propellers.

Sorry for the late response @chandbasha!

It is principally possible with SimScale I would say but the module we use is not dedicated for multi-body simulations like these. Let me tag our Code_Aster expert and my colleague @rszoeke here who might give you some more information on cases like these. Generally I would always use software that is dedicated for a given problem like multi-body simulation but of course performing static and dynamic simulations is always possible inside SimScale but dependent on the problem and its complexity.



Hi @chandbasha,

Nice model! The main question I have is what are you looking to solve or investigate? Are you looking for a CFD solution of the airflow over the blades? A kinematic solution? Are you thinking a structural solution? Static results due to air pressure and rotational loading? Vibration, out of balance stresses, etc.

For most of these you would not need to model the entire assembly, its probably doable but it would be complex and probably not very stable numerically.

Not knowing exactly what you are looking for, my approach would be to break the model down in sections. For example, model the blade and connector and determine the stresses and frequencies based on rotational speed and air loading. Once you have these results, you can apply these as loads to the shafts and analyze that section. Eventually working your way down to the gear box.

How you break up the model will depend on what you are looking for but this would be my general approach.

Let me know if this helps at all or if you need any additional assistance.

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Hi @cjquijano,
I want to do vibration analysis for this model. And want to know that how much amount of stress will be on the shafts.


Hi @cjquijano
It has been a long time since I got a replay from you. I want to do vibration analysis for my model. Please refer me some tutorials so that, I could gain some knowledge on how to do the vibration analysis

Thanks in advance,

Hi @chandbasha,

Sorry for the lack of response, but I have been in South Korea working with some of our suppliers.

I will look at this as soon as I can.