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SimScale F1 Workshop starts March 17th


In response to the queries from our users who didn’t get a chance to participate in the last F1 workshop, we have decided to offer another F1 workshop series focused on aerodynamics.

Join the free 3 week online workshop to learn about the simulation, design and testing of a Formula One race car!

You can register on our official page:


Hello Anna! Milad has mentioned in the first session that there would be a step-by-step procedure to conduct the front wing CFD, along with details of Homework 1 (Apart from already showing the homework in the video). Can you please let us know when would the step-by-step and the homework be posted ?



Hi @pgambhir, thanks for asking! The contents are being edited by @Milad_Mafi. You will find it on the workshop page soon. Cheers!