Simscale does not generate any Background Mesh Box



could someone please assist me. My friends and I are trying to do some testbodies of a windtunnel experiment to see how much reality values do differ from simulation. These products included in the project are to be regarded.

Well “kleineScheibe” (little plate) worked out great, we got a false value of pressure of about 15% of the original gained windtunnel value… But for whatever reason with the same background mesh box data for “kleineKugel” (little ball), it only meshed the body but no background mesh box. this also happened once with “Golfball” and also with “großeScheibe”… I figured I did something wrong…and deleted those two.

But could someone please look at the mesh of “kleineKugel” and of “kleineScheibe” and tell me why it worked with “kleineScheibe” but not with “kleineKugel”? Why did Simscale not generate a Background Mesh Box (my windtunnel?)

This is the link:

thanks already for your assistance!


Hi @estephan,

Its a simple fix, your material point is inside the your geometry. Move that out the geometry but within your background bounding box and it should re-mesh fine.




thank you very much!! I will redo it right away! cheering :slight_smile:


@Get_Barried could you look at it again. it had an error. it was meshing for 4 hours now…and now it has error I don’t know what the matter is. I did as you said. :frowning:

thanks in advance!


Hi @estephan,

I’ve just taken a look and it looks fine on my end. Were you referring to something else?




I guess it was due to a down server… now it worked out fine :slight_smile:
thanks again for your help!