SimScale CFD Master Class

I just completed the SimScale CFD Master Class and it was very good,
I didn’t do very well in the final quiz. Is there any chance one can re-take it.
I misunderstood some of the questions had multiple answers for example.

Kind thanks
George T

Hi George,

You are right that it was not obvious that there are multiple possible answers.

@AnnaFless , can you help there?



I have the same issue here… I just completed the CFD Master Class course and unfortunately did just 6 right answer on final quiz. Is there any possibilities to retake the quiz? Thank you so much for the help.

Best Regards,
Asa Detristo

Hi Asa (@detristo),

@AnnaFless may help you there. I am sure there is a solution :slight_smile:



Hi @gtsoukalas and @detristo,

Sorry for the delayed response here - unfortunately in the current course setup there is only one chance to take the final quiz as the answers are shown afterwards.

We will look into having a question bank in the future, that will allow for a retake.