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SimScale Ambassadors - what's up?

Hey @Ambassadors!

Just wanted to know how things are going and if any workshops are planned from your site? :slight_smile: Let me know if you need any help or resources from our side.

All the best!


Hi Jousef,

I wanted to let you know this earlier but I have been suffering from neck pain. Actually, I have got invitation from multiple universities here in Pakistan to conduct a technical workshop on Biomedical Engineering in their campus too. As my previous workshop was highly appreciated by students and faculty members of universities, probably that’s why other students/faculty members have also shown keen interest.

Best Regards
Mohammad Fozan

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I have planned to add some new cases to biomedical workshop content (such as aerosol drug delivery through airways). Any suggestions in this regard would be appreciated.

Hi Jousef,

I was planning to give 2 sessions since 2 weeks, but it was postponed for some issues at Ain Shams Universities. It is planned now to be after student’s final exams in July. I know the workshop was delayed for more than one time but I am going to push it this time as much as I can.

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Awesome @Fozan & @heshamzahw!

Let me know if you guys need any help :slight_smile: And make sure to take a lot of pictures :wink:

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Hi @jousefm ,

Yeah, :grinning: I took number of good photos last time when I conducted a workshop I guess