Side Wings on Iveco 430 MY2015

Hi everybody

So I was wondering what are the wings on the side of Iveco 430 truck are for.
Now I suspect they are to create lift since they appear to be in a positive position, but I wanted to be sure of it for certain instead of guessing. And also, could you tell me how much lift does it creates (if it does indeed create lift).


Hi @da_costa, I did do a quick google search but couldn’t see any wings on said truck. Maybe you could pop an image on here? I suspect the purpose would be vortex generation to reduce pressure drag, but without seeing it I would hate to speculate. As for how much lift, if it was for vortex generation it wouldn’t produce much, however, if you had a decent 3D model you could run a simulation to find out :slight_smile: would be an interesting project I reckon.

Look forward to hearing back from you,

Hi @da_costa,

the only explanation I could find about “side wings” was:

“OptiFlow SideWing is a unique aerodynamic solution that reduces the aerodynamic drag of a trailer, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and reduced carbon emission for long-haul operations.”


Is that what you were talking about?



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Those things above the lights on both sides.