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Ship Resistance calculation problem


i am calculating the resistance of pusher tug and barge on shallow water using multiphase mode (Air and water) , Volume of fluid (Open channel) method ,
boundary conditions (bottom level defined - speed )
the problem that i get the total drag value too hig Ex:7.435344e+17 (N)
i don’t know what is the problem ? i hope if someone can help me to solve it


Hi @oharigy!

Always make sure to share your project link with us! I assume that the mesh and or the result control settings might have a mistake in them. Once you shared the project, we will let you know :slight_smile:




how to share the project link ?


Hi @oharigy!

You go to your project and simply copy the link from the browser and paste it here - make sure that it is set to public though. In addition to that you can also use the collaborative share option inside the workbench and type in the mail address or name of the person you want to share your project with. That is handy when it comes to sharing private projects.