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Shell element created after meshing a solid spring


I’ve been trying to mesh a spring. Although no errors are being thrown at me due to automatic meshing, the event tree generates a new shell that is the spring and a rogue volume stands alone after the meshing. Trying to run a simulation with this configuration throws me an error asking me to check for geometry (claiming to have generated orphan nodes).

Why does this happen and how to correct it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @saiteja,

Are you able to share your project?


Hello @cjquijano ,

Thanks for the reply.
The following link is the project.

The meshing creates a shell_1 and another volume.

Thanks for the help in advance.


Hello @saiteja,

When I review your mesh and even when I recreate it on my own, I see the following warnings in the Mesh Log.

I downloaded your geometry file, imported in to Onshape, and then imported it back into Simscale. This seems to have cleaned up the geometry enough to work as I did not get any errors or warnings during the meshing phase.

I used the following settings for meshing.

I would use Second Order mesh to get better results.

I no longer see the Shell in the Material pick list or the tree. I only see the Volume.

Constraining the model and adding -100N force, I am able to run the simulation without any further issues.

Here is the project I modified.

I hope this helps.


@cjquijano Thank you for the help. I shall try to follow this process for similar problems (if I have any in the future). You were a big help.
So, I shall go on and assume that the problem was with the geometry.

Thank You