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Sheet Metal disappearing


When I am trying to mesh this the sheet metal disappears so how to prevent that from happening ( please give me a solution that doesn’t include going back to the CAD)
plus the run tell me that there is more than one volume! could it be related to the sheet metal disappearing.


Hey @asolayman!

Please make sure to always share the project link with us! Once you shared it we will have a look at that. No guarantee that there is no need for a CAD fix though.




Yes Hi here you go.


Hey @asolayman!

I know this might not sound like what you want to hear but I would suggest that you fix your geometry, the following things should be fixed imho:

  • No overlapping bodies or interpenetration in general
  • No “double layered” geometry - make sure that your inlets as well as outlets have one face otherwise you will immediately run into trouble when trying to start a run

These are the main points I would work on! @CFD-SQUAD , any additional hints for our user?




Hi @asolayman,

Then I guess we can just pack up and call it a day because right now your geometry contains errors and there is no way to fix these issues without CAD.

Assuming you want to make the effort to modify it in CAD, here are some of things you need to fix.

Gap at geometry.

Intersection between plates.

Random shells in empty space that will give significant error in the mesh, let alone the simulation.

Your Assembly11 step file has no information on surfaces or solids so naturally, you will encounter meshing errors. Back to CAD to fix. Export it properly and ensure all solids are well defined.

Your 550A-025405-00 is much too complex and will need major simplification in order to be ready for CFD use. So I suggest you stick with Assembly 1 and fix all the errors.




Thank you all for your feedback
I already modified it but now the problem continues
Any ideas


Hey @asolayman!

We will get back to you as soon as we figured out a solution to this :slight_smile: Keeping you up-to-date!



Quick update: So what I can see at first glance is that you still have the sheet bodies in your CAD and did not use solid bodies, also doing a CFD analysis with your inlets/outlets having 2 faces won’t work as previously mentioned. @anirudh2821998 & @Retsam & @Get_Barried, can you guide our user on what he can do to improve his geometry further? Thanks a lot!



Yes please if someone could give some tips. Because the only way I know to draw a part is to extrude it and that is a two face geometry which will ran me into problems as @jousefm said.


Anyone ? :slight_smile:


Hey @asolayman!

A good example can be found here: - have a look at the geometry and choose one face and try to hide it. You will see that you only have one layer and not this double-layered geometry that you have. You can either delete one layer and make some adaptions or start from scratch which is not too bad considering that the geometry is quite simple, what is your opinion on that?




Thank you for your reply @jousefm , I already tried to delete the other face and make it only faced geometry but again the software tells me that ‘’ you are having sheet metal" and it disappears. Any guidelines on how to create this one faced geometry on the CAD tool like the pump example.


Hey @asolayman!

In this case the next necessity comes into play which is that your geometry needs to be watertight. If your geometry is not watertight parts of your component will vanish. Why is this important? The material point defines if you have an internal or external flow simulation. Now if the geometry is not completely closed the mesher does not know what to do that’s why a clean modeling technique is essential. @CFD-SQUAD , please feel free to add your two cents here!




Hi @asolayman,

Get back to you on this in a day or two.




Its a simple geometry, are you not able to do a basic extrusion as one whole singular piece? Then you can just add in the inlet and outlet as surfaces. Sheet metal will not work because of the bends and the need to match the faces. Not to mention peculiar things like gaps for allowing bends and all that. This should not be a big issue unless you are not very familiar with how to draw a CAD model.