Sheet bodies please help am new

I can’t upload my cad file
But they said sheet bodies detected
I need to run simulation, cad file here

Please help am new

Hello @althea_chan,

I imported this file into Onshape and it came back with 481 parts that had faulty topology . You will need to repair your file before importing into Simscale.


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the files are ok in my rhino, how do i “fix” them?


Can you share the link to your project, I think I can provide some insight upon seeing the geometry in Simscale.


hi the link is in my original post

Hello Althea,

I still don’t see the link in your reply or in your original post. I do see the CAD file in the original post but no other link. While in your project just copy the URL and paste it into your reply or original post and that should work.