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Several runs with several loads - same result?


i am using the drone arm sample. The load at the end of the arm is 10N. Simulation and post processing went well.

Now i changed the load to 100N, defined a new simulation run. The run went well.
But: the result in post processing are exactly the same compared to those of run 1.
I definitely used solution fields of run 2. I checked the constraints of run 2. The load is 100N.

What is my problem?


Hello @wmay,
to me it looks like the results are perfectly fine. The stresses of the 100N load are exactly 10 times as high as the 10N load case:

100N Load case

10N load case

Maybe you selected two times the same result, or you missed the e+7 instead of e+6 in the stress scale.


Hello Richard,

you are right, i missed e+7.
Carefully reading is the best option :slight_smile:

kindly regards