Settings & result Conjugate heat transfer

hello, I’ve run a lot of CHT simulations including sufficient steady state/transient analysis and run time, the case is to see the cooling effect and see the temperature of the gears fed by the oil fluid, but I still doubt the results/

can you help me to check the simulation result is correct, and whether my geometry has problem too?

operating conditions:

  1. SAE 30 fluid oil temperature 20 degrees C
  2. gear temperature at 70 degrees C

simulation run project ‘’ V:oil 4.2 m/s wall & run 51 ‘’

I really appreciate any help, thank you

This link project simulations:

Why do yo doubt the results? Could you please elaborate on what are you expecting vs. what you are getting?

hi, thank you, I hope like in the picture below, the oil flow hitting the gear wing is visible and the temperature can be lower, but my simulation doesn’t see the oil flow in the gear gap/ in the gear wing, or is the simulation correct? I want to take this data & for validation of this paper.