Setting rotational motion direction

I’m working on a simulation and i finally got all of my contacts and such set and i set a pin connection for one end of a shaft that is going to be in a bearing. The whole simulation depends on rotational motion from the applied force. But when i try to run my simulation, i get an error saying that there is more than one direction of rotation for the pin connection. I’ve tried picking different faces inside the bearing and keep getting the same error. Can anybody help?

Hi @elijahlee,

Thanks for posting your question!
Bearing motion between two bearing houses cannot be deployed using Pin Connection. In this case it is more useful if you apply Physical Contacts associated to a Rotating Motion BC. But first and foremost, it is important to see which geometry conditions are imposed for your particular case. Could you please share the project link here?


It’s not between the bearing houses, it’s between the shaft and the different parts of the bearing that I’ve tried.