Setting Initial Condition Compressible Gas

Hi All,

I am a new user in simscale, I want to know pressure drop in my geometri of tubeside in heat exchanger. The temperatur inlet in my case is 500 C and the pressure inlet is 0,2 atm. I am still confusing to decide the value of pressure and temperature in initial condition. Anyone have idea for solving that ? Thank you very much


Hey Rahmad!

The IC should not have that big of an influence on your results but only accelerate the convergence. Initializing the domain with predicted average temperture sounds the logical one, also according to experiences from my colleague Mehmet(@mehmet_oezcan), he found out that initializing with inlet values makes the things less problematic.

Hope that could help you a bit!


Hi Jousefm,

Thank you very much for your response. I found a new insight from there. I’m sorry Jousefm do you have a suggest for me the IC condition so the convergence can reach soon ? If there are other suggest it’s very helpful for me.

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