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Set of slices

Is there a way of creating set of slices defined by value range like in paraview? If not could you add this feature. It is very useful in post processing.

Just to clarify, I would like to be able to save each of those slices as a seprate screenshot.

It can be done in paraview by running a macro that controls the camera view on a local machine. If you have a large mesh, focus the scan on where the car is.

I know how to do it in paraview with animation view. I just think that whole idea of cloud simulation is that you can do the postprocessing also in the cloud and do not have to download the large result data.

Hi @akosior,
Thanks for the observation. As you deduced, that is a feature that is not yet available in the online client of the post-processor. We will be looking into expanding filter options in the following period, but this functionality is not present as of right now.

If I understand correctly what you are trying to do, I may, for the time being, suggest using separate slice instances, for the different coordinates you require, then taking a screenshot with the built-in functionality.

Let us know if we can further assist you.

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Hi @bdaqui,

thanks for the answer. The solution that you are suggesting will of course work for a few slices but when I would like to do about 60-80 of them it will take a lot of time. This is why I am looking for some automatic way to create them.