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Session 6: What would you like to learn?

Hey Folks,

Due the big success of our drone workshop series we decided to offer two additional sessions. I already sent an email to all users who was registered for the inital workshop series. The sessions will take place at Thursday, 10th of December and Thursday, 17th of December from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Since the last session was not planed yet I would like to ask you what you want to learn? Which kind of simulation type, drone concept etc. would you like to be covered in the last session? Please feel free to share your ideas!



Maybe something like drone colision with bird ? :stuck_out_tongue:

HI @Milad_Mafi,

Have you posted the homework assignment for the December 10th workshop yet?


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Hey @Milad_Mafi I am interested in turbulence modelling.

I am hearing a lecture about turbulence at the moment and this seems to be a puzzler :wink:

Would be awesome if we can do something with turbulence modelling also to learn a bit about the models that are implemented in the Simscale interface.


Hi @Milad_Mafi and @jousefm,

How about finding the stall angle of the drone? That’s turbulent flow. :wink: