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Session 4: Vibrations

Place for all discussions regarding the fourth session of the Drone Workshop organized by SimScale


I cant upload the the cad model of the fourth session into the platform. When I click the “import project level:1” button, the simscale platform open up in a new tab but no new cad model gets uploaded.
What to do???

Hi @Milad_Mafi ,

finished my setup for both Levels now and found two little mistakes.

In Homework of Session 4 - Level 2 in the Material assignment for the battery you wrote volumeOnGeoVolumes_0 in the text but its volumeOnGeoVolumes_1 in the picture. Might be a little bit confusing for some guys here. Got an error at the end for assigning two materials on one component but found the mistake fast :smiley:

The second one is also in Homework of Session 4 - Level 2 at the point where we define the acceleration of the Arm right lower point acceleration. Component selection: y displacement is wrong it is more likely Component selection: y acceleration.

But these are just peanuts. :sunglasses:



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