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Session-3 Homework: Aerodynamics of an Aircraft Part-II Simulation Setup


I have also the same problem with: Maximum number of iterations exceeded.
But only for Simulation M0.15 and M0.25 of Case 1.
All other simulations finished without errors.
So I am not sure where I did something wrong. My Project link:

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Hello @hl68fx

I saw your case and I found 2 differences than the tutotial:

  1. For Wall boundary condition of Aircraft, you need to use No-Slip condition for velocity and not “Zero Gradient”. While Zero Gradient condition is to be used with Temperature and not “a fixed value”. This is most likely cause of failure of your simulation as you are trying to simulate the aircraft with Neumann BCs.

  2. Either in Bottom wall or Top wall, I guess you have used T= 293K. I am not sure. But anyways it just for your correction. I do not think it will pose any error though.

I have tried your simulation and they are running good now. THe link to the project is:

I hope this helps. All the very best.

Kind Regards
Abhishek VERMA


Thanks @sjesu_rajendra it worked excellent!, I’m currently playing with the filters, preparing it for homework delivery:

Very nice tutorial and workshop I really enjoyed it. :airplane:

  1. If you dont care for a certain angle, only that it is the same in each case, right click on solution fields, add result to view, and adjust your visible layers.

  2. You might try with the “Transform” Filter.
    If you rotate by 270° around the z-Axis, x points up and y points in the plane of the wing. Is that what you mean?
    If you want a view from a certain point, you could use this filter to align the data (and set your viewpoint by clicking under viewport tools get the camera in a “Zero-Position”.

  3. If you mean something like “Safe this filters and use them on this other result”, yes, this would be very useful. Tell me if you find out how to do that :slight_smile: