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Session 2: Structural Design of Drones


Place for all discussions regarding the second session of the Drone Workshop organized by SimScale :wink:


Hello Milad,

I did Part 1 for the homework and I got a higher von Mises stress than you did in your instructions. You have a value of about 1.9e6 and my results were 2.4e6. When comapring my model to the instructions, I noticed we differed on the mesh refinement. It appears in the screenshots that you have the following values:

  • Maximum mesh edge length: 1000
  • Minimal mesh edge length: 0.001

When in the text you state they should be:

  • Maximum mesh edge length: 0.0003
  • Minimal mesh edge length: 0.0001

When you look at your mesh, the area where it should have a finer mesh, it has a courser mesh.

Does that make sense or am I missing something?



Hey Christopher,

you are right! Sorry for that! I will correct the images tomorrow :smile:

Nevertheless the aim of this homework assignment is to gain the basic knowledge of simulation. It’s about learning and having fun. Therefore we will also accept simulations with different setups as long as the setup is producing useful results :smile: