Session-2 discussion: Conduction

Conduction: Thermal analysis of LED considering three types of heat sinks



Case study 1: Thermal analysis of a LED considering different heat sinks LED Heat Sink Thermal Simulation by ahmedhussain18 | SimScale

Case study 2: Thermostructural analysis of a spark plug Thermal Structural Analysis of Spark Plug by ahmedhussain18 | SimScale


Please post your queries with regard to the Thermal Simulation Workshop Session-2 on conduction. We would try to answer them here!

2 Likes to do contacts, in cad model itself?
2.can we simulate full model instead if it not symmetry?
3.what is Adibiatic boundry condition?
4.if more no of leds are placed, then how to give uniform heat flux we need to provide for all leds?

Hi @gohilan000!

  1. You can define them (if available in the module) under Contacts
  2. Yes and you actually should - no one makes use of symmetry if there are none (only under very strict assumptions and under specific circumstances)
  3. Do you want to have a thermodynamic explanation? If so then an adiabatic wall does not allow heat transfer from one side to the other
  4. Not sure if you I got your question correcty but you can select all the LEDs (or group them) and make sure to apply your BC on that group

Hope that somehow helps, could be that I misunderstood some of your questions, if that’s the case, please feel free to get back to me!