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Session-1 discussion: Basics of thermal analysis

Basics of thermal simulation:


Study cases

  • Case 1: Heat conduction in different material slabs
  • Case 2: Cooling of highly heated steel plate with use of convection and radiation
  • Case 3: Spotlight heating over time with and without radiation

Original project:

Real world case: Heating of CFL

Original project:



Please post your queries with regard to the Thermal Simulation Workshop Session-1. We would try to answer them here!

You can also post your project problem statement so that we can help you with ideas in setting up your simulation!

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@sjesu_rajendra For personal reason i could not attend basic of thermal analysis first webinar but i registered for it. In spite of that Could we submit assignment for eligibility of free value course of cost 500€

In SIMSCALE, how would one specify the “Form Factor” between surfaces in radiative heat exchange mode? Are there algorithms within the program to calculate it automatically, or does the user have to specify it? If so, how would you specify it? I could see that it is easy to specify the reference temperature and emissivity factors for thermal radiation problems presented in this webinar.

Joseph Thodiyil

Hi @Amritpalsingh,

The thermal workshop doesn’t have any particular assignment, and no hence Professional Training based on this workshop series. We will upload the video recording latest by tomorrow, if you wish to see it.


Hello Joseph(@thodij),

Unfortunately surface to surface radiation is not possible with SimScale at the moment. So “Form factor” doesn’t have any relevance here. Sorry about this.


@sjesu_rajendra yes i want to see that workshop thanks for quick reply


following up on @sjesu_rajendra’s answer: What would be your application for such an approach of simulating radiation? Would it be radiative heat transfer only or in combination with convective heat transfer? We’re working on more models down that alley and looking for user application to test it.



Thank you for the response.


One of our recent models included a “hot” process fluid pipe in proximity to an I-Beam that was used to support a pipe rack. We had to estimate the I-Beam temperature due to radiative heat exchange between the I-Beam/ “cold” pipe rack and the “hot” process fluid pipe. In addition, natural convection was also applied over the I-Beam/ pipe rack.

This heat transfer analysis was done using ANSYS.

Surface-to-surface radiation exchange played a major part in the eventual structural design of the I-Beam & supports.

Joseph Thodiyil.

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do I understand it right that it is not possible at the moment to include radiation heat exchange? I tried to follow the video tutorial and to simulate the hot steel plate. But when I tried to set up the boundary conditions for radiation the menu showed only convective heat flux, surface heat flux and volume heat flux, no radiation. What can I do to include radiation together with convection?
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