Session 1: Air-conditioning simulation of an office space


I finished the simulation and done the post processing. Likewise I took screen shots.
If I now do the post processing there are no data. How can it be or what did I wrong?


Hello @sburger,

Good job with the simulation :slight_smile: I’m able to see the post processing results (screenshots and saved states) of your simulation.

If the internet connection is slow it might take time to fetch the data. Could you please check it again and let us know if the problem still persists.



Sorry. It is still the same. There is no simulation data from “Run MediumMesh 1” any
The data from the simulation is normally available.


Hey, looking at that picture it seems to me like you have to move your timestep to the last one (the arrow next to the zero on the top). At the first time step, the calculations are far from converged and data is usually blank unless you have good initial conditions.


Thank you. I didn’t see that. How silly :disappointed:


haha, no worries, it happens to me all the time. Usually, I check my time step, that I selected the right object before creating a filter, that the data i want to see is the right variable and then the scaling of the data. Often times I miss something and I restart my simulating process without realizing it was all good until its too late haha.


Oh yes. I thought about that as well to start the simulation again but I was finish with my homework and had only in mind a different view. I didn’t bother because it was around 2am in the morning and I should find some sleep :smirk: