Semimonocoque fuselage static analysis

Hi, I’ve been trying to model the forces that act on the fuselage of a model aircraft our team is designing. I did several simulations, but the results seem quite unreliable-the von Misses Stress is very low. I suspect this is due to my way of fixing the model-but I’m not so sure. I’d be happy to receive any suggestion
Here is a link to the project:
As an explanation, the remote forces are for thrust and propeller torque effect, respectively lift and drag caused by the wing, and the remote displacement is how I tried to fix the model (I did try firstly to put a fixed support where the wings should be, but the stress calculated was even lower).

Hi there!

I had a look at your model and could not spot anything obviously wrong.

Can you please let me know why you think that the stress levels are low? Do you have any reference results to compare to?