Self intersecting facet geometry

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I am trying to upload a .stl file. The file its self is a x-ray tomography scan (basically a 3D image created by x-raying a real life object) of some glass beads surrounded by resin. However when I upload it I get the bellow error message. I’m not familiar with autocad (or similar software) so I am not sure how to fix my model. Could you tell me if its an easy fix and point me towards a tutorial that could show me how? I have access to most of the autodesk softwares. Its a fairly complex shape made up of lots of triangles (sorry if thats that wrong term!)

"Self-intersecting facet geometry
The body contains self-intersecting triangle facet geometry. Reconstructing the problematic entity or splitting the entity into multiple separate faces can resolve this issue. "

Hey there, this is Fillia :slight_smile: Would it be possible to try and export your model to STEP or Parasolid format instead? STL is not suitable except when it comes to PWC and LBM analysis.

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Thanks for getting back to me Fillia. I can’t directly save it from the x-ray software as either of those. Is there an easy way to convert an STL to STEP?

Hi Fillia, I managed to export to a .step file but I wont upload at all now. I get the following error:

The file could not be imported as valid geometry based on the provided geometry format. Please try to export a different format or contact our support for assistance.

Error Code: 19773392

Hi there. I think the best approach here would be to try another software that generates files compatible with SimScale. OnShape is a great option. It is also cloud-based, and free to use. You could take advantage of the OnShape plug in we provide as well:

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