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Selecting multiple faces on one side of object

Hi there,

How can I select multiple faces on one side of an object without clicking each one individually? For example, if I have a curved lens and want to select the inner faces but not the outer, how can I do this without clicking hundreds of faces?


Hey @flemingrachelc!

My imagination just got lost here :slight_smile: Do you mind posting your project link and we can give you some tips to work more productively.



Sure, thanks for your quick reply Jousef!..

I haven’t figured out how to name parts after import, sorry that they are all called “Part 1”. Adding contacts was difficult for several parts. The curved structure near the middle (footplate), and the disk-like structure (consisting of the tympanic annulus and tympanum) contacts were most time-consuming. I ended up rotating the model to an angle that allowed me to select as many faces as possible and then did some refining, but this still took a lot of time.

Also, this simulation failed and was going to ask a forum question about that as well. There appears to be no Event log or Solver log in the Simulation Runs section, but an excerpt from the Mesh log says:

Code: 300 String: Unable to suppress face 150992. Try reducing the suppression tolerance
Determined sizing is reaching lower cell size cap for 288 faces. Consider lowering model tolerance if resulting mesh fineness is too coarse.

I am guessing that changing the small feature suppression from 1x10^-5 to something such as 1x10^-6 may help, does this sound like it may be the solution?