Select the inside surface of a hollow entity?

In this project I have a part that’s been imported with the label ‘2:108’ that represents the water contained by another part that represents a tank labelled ‘0:249’.

How can I select the inner surface(s) of that tank in order to define a boundary condition to represent that containment?

Hi there, is this a contact surface between two parts?

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Its tank with liquid inside. I want the weight of the liquid to act on the tank shell under gravity; and then transfer to the support structure.

Eventually, the idea was to be able to tilt the tank and see the effect of the weight transfer; but I don’t see how to do that yet.

Ok I see, if you want to hide faces (and eventually get to the inner face you want to use), you select them, then right-click on the page, and a menu appears. Pick the ‘hide selection’ option:

However, if you wish to add the force on the inner surface, maybe you want to delete the “water” part first? The idea is to replace it with a force acting on the tank, right?

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Thanks. That’s what I was missing.
When I was here before, the surfaces were listed under the components on the right of the screen.

Eventually yes.

To try and clarify my understanding of the use of remote forces, I wanted to start out with gravity acting on the ‘water’ solid (call it ice :slight_smile: ) and measure the stress/strain on the joints between the legs and the frame.

Then try to replicate that by applying a remote force to the inside of the tank as substitue for the water and try to achieve the same stress/strain results.

Then remove the tank also and apply the combined force directly or remotely to the pads on the supports and again try and achieve the same results on the joints.


Not sure if followup questions should be confined to the same thread or started in a new one – every forum seems to have their own variation of rules on this – so I’ll post here and move it if you tell me to.

I’m not undertanding the results of my tank sim. Whilst the stresses and strains seem to be reasonably symmetrical, the displacements are weirly asymmetrical despite the only force being gravity acting straight down and (as best as I can tell) everthing else being symmetric about the vertical centre line:

Could you investigate/explain the assymmetry please?

'K thanks.