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Screw Compressor Simulation

Dear community,

I am trying to conduct a cfd analysis on a screw air compressor.
The simulation is something like in this picture.


The transient simulation would be done using immersed body solver in CFX solver. I have some doubts about it, immersed solids and six-degree of motion (simscale) are equivalent capabilities? If answer is yes that advanced option can combine it with compressible gas? Simscale meshing tools could be enougth to capture the deformation of the domain and the geometrical complexity of helical rotors?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Waya,

a simple MRF approach would probably not work for this case - I would have to dig a bit deeper into this and see if OpenFOAM offers a workaround for such cases without relying on adapting meshes but I honestly think it is necessary to use adaptive meshing techniques. Maybe @Get_Barried or @1318980 have experience on this and can add their thoughts here.



no first hand experience but neither AMI nor MRF would be capable. Imersed boundary, overset meshing or adaptive mesh would be needed. Sorry.


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