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Scanned CT images


I have STL file generated from micro CT images for a bone. How can I import this STL file as a geometry and remesh in mesh generation?

Hi @hs6e11!

Simply go to the Mesh Creator tab and upload your geometry there as depicted in the picture below.

Hope that helps!


Hi Jou

Thanks for your reply, I will try

I tried to start new project and import STL file but unfortunately, I could not remesh. Please can you help me how can I create geometry from my scanned mesh?

Hi @hs6e11!

Please let me have a look at it by sharing your project link with me. Simply paste it as a comment and I will come back to you as soon as I have a solution to your problem. :+1:

All the best!


Thanks @hs6e11!

Is there an option to smoothen the geometry, meaning that you have a closed surface as well as no “gaps” inside the bone? Which software did you use to export the CAD model?



I am using meshlab

Or Scanip from