Saved States - Not showing results


When i do save a state and , all cell/point data seems to be lost when opening it again. The filters and selections show correctly, but all magnitudes are lost.
Is there maybe anything i am missing in saving with the state?
It is observed on



Hi @akhm74,
I’m not sure if I understood your point, but if you are referring about this magnitude showed below, to me is everything ok, look:

Please, if these are the datas that you missing, just try to see again and gimme a feedback.
And please, let me know if I misunderstood you.




Thanks Vinicius
The data show are all messed up. The scale does look alright, but please look at the trace lines and color of the surface. The traces are straight through the shown surfaces. When saved the result was as one would expect, straight flow until subjected to the blades and then twisting motion of the fluid.
Does it make sense that any result is actually missing after saving the state?



Hi @akhm74,
Really the expect result straight flow would be twisting motion of the fluid behind the lamines. Anyway what happens is not common.
Surely my friend @jousefm will help us to undestand what is happens.

For now, I’ll make a copy of this project to save the same state and back to you with some feedback asap.




Hi @akhm74 and thanks for tagging me @vgon_alves!

That’s because nothing is rotating inside your setup - the propeller is completely standing still. You have to make sure to assign a rotating zone first and also add this in the mesh. A nice tutorial can be found here: SnappyHexMesh - MRF.

Cheers and all the best!



Thanks for reply @jousefm!!
@akhm74, as Jousef said, if you are trying to verify the blade influency in the flow, you need to set a rotating zone using MRF or AMI.
However, I took a look on your saved states and all of there was in the first state (0) where nothing occurs. So if you want to see the air through the steady-state blade (which is uncommon), you just need to put in the last state of your simulation (1), look:

I hope it help you. Please, let us know if our suggestions worked for you!




Thank you both… I did miss that the state is at start of sim.
I know that this simulation does not give any result as for the rotational part. It is an attempt to determine the torque on the blades.

Happy days!