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Safety factor, fatigue, and broad steel library

Dear friends

Using a series of FEM applications I believe that the following topics are extremely necessary to have a competitive platform

Larger library of steels:
Although the steels have a very similar Young’s modulus and Poisson’s coefficient, it would be useful to have a variety of ASME steels with the assigned S-N curve

Safety factor: In spite of only dividing the equivalent effort with the yield limit, it is a tool that is very used to explain resistance.
It would be very useful as an output variable instead of determining it by postprocessor as paraview

Fatigue: Complementing the first point, to have the useful life would be in cyclic loads is completely necessary, to assign a useful life as a function of the effort is possible when generating an output variable to the VTK file. With other codes of lower capacity I have been able to determine in a very approximate but fast way the life of some components. I assign the curve s-n to a function and I assign it in paraview to the scalar of vonmises Stress.

I love paraview, and paraview loves me. But you can save work with these simple options.