Running error

Hi, friends
I meet a problem about my project.
Should I improve the mesh quality from coarse to fine?



In your case, it’s probably not necessary. If you take some time to inspect the mesh, you’ll notice an uneven cell distribution specifically in this area:

This indicates that something is going on around there. If you zoom in this area, you’ll find some small faces (this only occurs for this specific boundary, the others look fine):

Not surprisingly, if you create a probe point with the coordinates displayed in the error message, the divergence point is next to this small face.

So a first step would be to remove these small faces from your CAD model.

While you’re at it, I’d also extrude the inlet/outlet a little, to improve the stability.




Thank you, Ricardopg.
Your answer is helpful. Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will revise my CAD model.
Thank you again.

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