Rotation of a turbine


I am trying a simulate a the rotation of a wells turbine (a turbine that is completely symmetrical) as a result of air being pushed upon it. I took a single blade of my turbine and quickly ran a simulation of a wind at 4mph hitting the surface (my project is linked down below) and set a forces and moments graph using all the faces of the turbine blade. Now I am left with a total x, y, and z force. Using these values, can I calculate the rotational velocity (or angular velocity) of this turbine? I am hoping to take the force in the y direction and manipulate it somehow to find rotational velocity in terms of mass and radius.

I also already tried running a simulation with the full turbine itself rotating which didn’t help me much.

I hope my concern makes sense.


Hi, this would require a 6 degrees of freedom capability (allowing only rotation around the shaft in this case), which is not available at the moment.

This should be available at some point in 2024 for the subsonic solver.

To request/keep track of features, the roadmap is the way to go: