Rotation Drone Propeller Stream Line Issue

I’m having a problem with stream lines in my simulation. I’m trying to simulate the propeller spinning and for some reason my stream lines are all over the place. At first I thought that the propeller was maybe spinning backwards, but I have since proved that not to be the case. I’ve tried all sorts of things like changing the bounding box size and nothing seems to work. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Take a look at more of my screenshots and simulation here: SimScale

Hi @ejohnathon!

I have modified your project by defining an inlet velocity which was zero for every direction. Works fine now!

Project ejohnathon

Cheers and happy SimScaling!


Ok, thanks! So is there a way to make it so that the propeller is spinning alone, without any airspeed? As if the drone were standing still with the propeller spinning?

Hi @ejohnathon!

This is indeed possible! Please have a look at the project right here: Propeller Project

In general defining:

  • Inlet - total pressure
  • Outlet - static pressure

should be stable. Let me know if you need a hand!