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Rotation axis and point on axis

Hello there,

Can anyone please define rotation axis and a point on the axis. I have already gone through a forum where it clearly defines what it is but still, I have some doubts such as:

  • In point on the axis, take an example of the tire, so point to be defined on face or center of tire for rotation.

  • For axis of rotation, I know we should take as a unit vector but I have come across an example where they didn’t follow the principle

    He is a simscale staff @1318980. May I know the reason

Please clear above doubt

Hi @Harekrishna, so the point can be any point along the infinite 1D axis, it simply defines the centre, so take for example a farm of wind turbines, all might have the same axis of rotation, however, the point centres will be different.

The rotation axis as you correctly stated should be a dimensionless unit vector, however, if the vector is larger or smaller than 1 in magnitude it will be scaled accordingly.

Let me know if you have other questions.



Thanks for answering. I gone through your model and found that you have given some camber to tires and respective to that you have given rotation axis point values. Correct me if I am wrong.