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Rotating zone in a rotating zone


For last weeks I wanted to do a simulation of a cycloial propeller ( Operation in this video: ), as you can see each blade has a pitch control. I created this type of propeller ( thanks to the help of @AnnaFless but we couldn’t add the pitch control to the system.

To do this pitch control, the possibility to do a rotating zone in a rotating is needed and is not allowed for now.

I think this feature can be a good idea for Simscale, especially with new project of offshore Darrieus Turbines with pitch control (in fact there are in France but I don’t really know for the rest of the world) and also for cycloidal propeller. Moreover, this feature is available in OpenFoam so it is possible to add it.

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I like the sound of this, in OpenFoam is both AMI and MFR? Just thinking this might be more applicable to transient simulations so AMI within an AMI. In the past, I did a pitch controlled wind turbine, but it was steady-state and I changed the geometry to evaluate the best pitch for different wind speeds. However, with the above implementation, we could simulate the transient effects of altering the pitch. This would work nicely with a free rotating definition of AMI as we could evaluate a blades rotation speed with changing pitch (a way of adding resistance to the free rotation would also make sense to simulate a generator).

Just adding another application example here :slight_smile:

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