Rotating power source

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I am trying to set up boundary conditions for a CHT simulation involving a number of solid parts, some of which are power sources AND are rotating. When I try to generate mesh I get a warning ‘simulation setup is not valid’ but no hint as to why. I have not seen any statements to the effect that this is not possible, but neither have I seen any simulation examples where this is done.

One goal of the simulation is to determine the surface temperature of the power source. But when assigning those walls as a Rotating wall condition it seems the temperature must be specified. Does this temperature constitute a boundary condition, or is it just an initial condition?

Maybe this type of simulation is not possible?

The temperature input for the rotating wall is indeed a boundary condition, but you can use another temperature type instead.

Can you attach a screenshot of the error you are getting? You should not have an issue using the cell zone as both an MRF region and a power source. I was able to create a run after copying the project.

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I did not actually complete a simulation- I was waiting for some guidance on how to specify the boundary condition. You say ‘you can use another temperature type…’ but do not explain what to do. In the meantime, I simulated just the flow as an incompressible flow, then approximated the CHT by setting velocity conditions at the inlet matching the incompressible flow result, and doing a non rotating simulation.