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Rotating motion

Hi everyone,

Please, I am trying to run a multiphase flow in a box that is spinning with respect to the z axis by 120 ° for 1 second and stays at that position (120 ° after the home position) for another 2 seconds. So when I set the rotation motion, the body is not stopping at 120º as I want, keeping the rotation movement as you can see in the figure below:

Here is the state that I want to obtain:

Project link:

Thank you in advance for your attention.



Hi there @vgon_alves!

Nice project idea here, awesome! :slight_smile: First idea from my side is to use a 6DOF Motion that can be found under Advanced Concepts inside the Multiphase module. To stop the rotation I think using a constraint could work but I did not try it myself to be honest. Darren (@1318980) has already done a sloshing simulation and might give you more hints on that one although the sloshing simulation was just an oscillating motion.



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Hi @jousefm,
Firstly, thank you for your great insight here! :smile:
Well, I’ll try to use a 6DOF Motion as you suggested. For community: any kind of tips here is still very welcome since I really testing some of conditions in this simulation.



[EDIT: Ahhh, whoops… I read the last post date as 18th March 2020. Anyway, maybe useful for others…]

@vgon_alves I’ve only been using simscale a few days, but perhaps you can define time-varying profile for your rotation… 1s@120°/s; 2s@0°/s; 1s@120°/s; 2s@0°/s; etc