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Rotating Mesh Zones



I am doing a Formula Student CFD simulation and have run into trouble with meshing zones. I am following an fsae tutorial from SimScale, but am not able to create a separate zone in the mesh for my wheels. Can I please get some help as to how I can get mesh zones separate from the bounding box?




HI @tinaalim,
used cylinder under geometry primitives and apply region mesh under refinements.
hope you understand, cheers!



These are the mesh zones I wish to create. I cant see the use of cylinders in the tutorial, and to my understanding geometry primitives allow for refinements and not the creation of a region, like the Bounding box would do. So, how can I get mesh zones within my bounding box region?


it not right.
i made one mesh with cylinder just go through it. see the set up of region ref. 9 and 10.

project link.

refine region mesh account to you.



I have done as you suggested, but I do not see an additional mesh zone being created. Could it be an issue with the geometry?


Hi @tinaalim,
Let me check.


Hi @tinaalim,
I think i have cracked the solution of the problem you were facing. You were not able to assign the MRF rotating zone to the volume in your simulation, is it right? To able to select the volume for MRF rotating zone, you have to create a surface refinement of the parts with cell zone option ON.

Hamza Baig


Yes! That’s it! Thank you so much!