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Right Click 'Move Up/Down' for project tree items


It sure would be handy to keep a project organized if you could right click on any project tree item and move them up or down its subtree level (additionally, copy and paste from one location to another would be even better. Even if only basic structures and values can be pasted (no selected faces pasting if they don’t exist on pasted geometry)).

Things like Geometries, Meshes, Primitives, Refinements, Simulations, Simulation Runs, Boundary Conditions …

On the topic of Refinements, does the order in the sub tree matter, could Inflation precede a Region and Surface? Or does the meshing algorithm try to do them in order?



I like this idea, just to be clear, reordering of say boundary conditions within that section, said inlet moved before outlet?

No makes no difference, the refinement level will be the highest refinement that applies to it. Layer inflation occurs at a specific point in the meshing process.

I thought I added reordering as a vote for features at one point, can you comment on it and add your thoughts? if not please move this to vote for features :slight_smile:



Re, Vote for new feature, see my other topics response to you just now.

Even for the tree items that are order specific, I don’t think there is error checking now to stop you from manually putting them in the wrong order so why not let us re-order when we put the in wrong (I found that out the hard way too).

I did search for reordering before I created the Topic but no luck, again this is my point, why do we have to take so much time to try to get a feature suggested, I really don’t much care to have any brownie points for items used, I am just trying to help as I notice things from a newbie perspective which is always nice to have as people so close to the code can be single minded sometimes like me :wink: I just don’t want to use so much of my time organizing and fighting for ideas after I come up with them (ie the current vote system, see other topic), clarifying is OK :slight_smile: