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Results for forces and coefficients in symmetry case

I currently run a aerodynamic analyses auf a car body and use a symmetry boundary condition to reduce calculation effort.
When I have to input the value for reference surface should I only use the halfe of the real suface area of the body for the reason I only calculate the half of the car? Or calculates the programm the resultes with consideration of the symmetry boundary condition when I do input the reference surface value for the complete projected body surface?

It would be nice to get a helping answer.
Thank you very much.

I replied in a different post hehe, my fault… :smiley: but mentioned you there so you can take a look on that. :slight_smile:

Hi @mlarreta,

many thanks. That unswers the question directly.
Many many many thanks for your fast reply.

You are welcome @jjanczyk is good to know this solves your question, have nice simulations :smile:.